Trash Collection, Roads, Ordinances

Garbage, Recycling, and Yard Waste.

Here is the link to the Township's Trash Collection page. It contains the annual holiday schedule and some information around pick up, etc. It also has a link to Priority Waste's online payment portal.

Yard waste collection starts March 15th every year and ends the third full week of December every year.

Trash Cans are limited in size to 95 gallons. Anything beyond that Priority Waste may refuse to pick up. Priority offers 65 gallon recycling and 95 gallon trash bins for purchase here. Bin prices are comparable to local hardware stores and home centers and Priority warranties them against damage. Delivery is available for a fee, see website (note: no delivery fee for your first recycle bin order).

The Township Ordinance/Resolutions requirements around trash cans:
  1. They are to be placed at the street no sooner than 12pm the day before pickup and removed within 12 hours after pick up. 
  2. Storage of recycling and trash cans are to follow the Open Storage rules set forth in the township's General Ordinances, Section 42-5.5 part 3 which prohibits the outside storage of the cans. However, typically the township only requests that the cans to simply not be visible from the street. On occasion, the township has written homeowners asking them to relocate their cans and will cite/fine repeat offenders. 

Additional FAQ about garbage, recycling, yard waste and signing up for new service by Priority Waste can be found at their website. Please note that some local restaurants are starting to provide  "compost-ready containers" for takeout as a green initiative, Priority Waste does not accept these in the yard waste pickups currently. They may only be recycled if they meet recycling requirements or else be thrown away in regular trash. 


HHPOA street maintenance is now managed by Bloomfield Township. If you see an issue with the roads in the neighborhood, please contact the township's Public Works Department at 248-594-2800. They will want to know addresses/cross streets for the issue's location, so have this handy when you call. Also note that if you can recruit fellow neighbors to also fill out the same form and list the same locations, it often helps the issue get attention faster.

If you notice issues along Wattles or Adams where trees are obscuring visibility to on-coming road traffic at our entrances, this should be reported to the Oakland County Road Commission using the form in this link:

Bloomfield Township Ordinances

Bloomfield Township has put all their ordinances online here. This site has a great search feature and you can find anything pretty quickly. Click here for the Township's building department page.